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  • Name: Logic Infraestructure Fabricator Enhaced
  • Development Partner: Konceptness
  • Description

    Application of computer security installed locally in the Computer, in order to control all the connections that a computer makes.
    With K Life, the concept is that the connections made are only to destinations that the user considers to be trustworthy.

    For example:
    - At this time if your computer had a bot, that the antivirus or malware did not detect, or someone would capture the computer remotely, could any of these software help you?

    - additionally, in the case of having a bot - because you do not really know - can you guarantee and know where your machine really connects?

    Our solution is able to respond positively to both issues and with ease and simplicity of use only!

Anti-Hacking Software


  • Name: Encripted Access Secured Evidence
  • Development partner: Blean
  • Description

    Solution for portals protection available on the Internet, where it is necessary to ensure that only the clients' computers access the information.
    This security is created by the implementation of digital certificates, which in addition to encrypting all communication between the Portal and the Client, ensures that only the computer with the certificate installed can communicate with the Portal.

Security for Portals


  • Name: Remote Encripted Secured Transmition
  • Blean
  • Description

    Solution for out-of-company backups and ideal for single-person, small and medium-sized business owners who have their backups set up on a daily basis.
    The difference is that it's the ScorpionBonus servers that trigger the backup. In addition to being performed by VPN, it is much safer because it is not triggered by the client, but by the server (in an isolated environment for that purpose), which only has access to the point of reception of the client which makes it impossible to steal information.

Remote Backups