About Us

We have a Vision, a Mission and ... we have fun!



Computers are half the challenge, we focus on the most valuable element: people; in conjunction with the correct configuration of machines and elimination of vulnerabilities, with solutions tailored to each client.



Organize, rationalize and automate processes, establishing the security of digital information in organizations. Improve and educate the Computer Security behavioral attitude.



Commitment, Integrity, Property, Education, Team, Gratitude.

What we motivate in the clients!

Metamorphosis - Trust - Security - Tranquility

Our customers gain Organization, Rationalization and Automation of existing information in the computers, improving the performance of internal processes of the company, and with a reliable, robust and available Computer Park whenever necessary. This is how confidence and tranquility of people results from the awareness of the non-leakage of information or that critical information of the company can be compromised due to the patterns and models of behavior implemented.


Digital security results from the symbiosis between the implementation of computer security solutions and the behavioral training of people. At ScorpionBonus the presence of technology and research is "natural" - due to the experience and certifications acquired over more than 30 years - coupled with innovation - which allows us to create, develop and produce "in-house" security solutions computing we implement.
The genesis of a continuous analysis since 2015 about the behavior of users / people in the use of information technologies, in which we identify the real security problems that exist in this area, has also led to the development of KLife anti-hacking software and the integration of ScorpionBonus in the Microsoft® BizSpark Startup program.

Our Difference


We give 100% until we win. We commit to the success of the Company, its current and future staff and its customers, at all times.

We are responsible for our actions, both at work and in our lives.



We always speak the truth. What we promise is what we provide.

We learn from our mistakes. We are educators and we allow our clients to make their own smart decisions about their future. We provide practical and usable knowledge.



We are leaders. We do whatever it takes to enable our team to achieve goals together. We focus on synergy and resolution.

We are grateful. We say thank you and show appreciation so that everyone around us knows how much we appreciate everything and everything that exists in our lives.


Our Team

"We work with integrity and offer solutions of exceptional value"

Ana Sousa

Chief Executive Officer

João Moreira

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Filipa Mota

Chief Marketing Officer

Our team is committed to working at the forefront of technology. And what's at stake is the future of your business. The extent of computer attacks is beyond malware or viruses: it can range from theft of confidential records to the complete destruction of your infrastructure or your ability to conduct business. We want to provide unique IT solutions to meet the specific needs of your business!

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